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Hello! Hi! Welcome! Merch4Church is a full service merchandise company created by church people, for church people. Basically you can relax cause we’re ready to help! We know you've got a ministry to run - and that's why we wanna make things easy on you. We use various distributors, brands, printers, artists, and designers. We'll make sure that you get the best deal and have your order in time. Conferences, camps, schools, internships, sermon series, teams, events... the possibilities are endless! Keep scrolling to learn more.


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At the core of Merch4Church is a love for ministry, the local church and global impact. Our team is made up of ministry people who spend each week building into the cause we believe in so much (and making awesome merch of course).

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On top of getting churches the best deal - a portion of every single Merch4Church order goes back to various causes that we believe in. We support a number of organizations that are giving back and saving lives every day.

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All we need to do is pick the perfect garment and slap on your logo... but maybe you need a hand getting started, or have a question? That's ok…we've got your back. Drop us a line and we'll do anything we can to help!